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Brand Protection



Aud Group takes the protection of its Brand very seriously. We like to think it stands for something, and hope that consumers know that anything carrying our trademark can be relied on. We own a global portfolio of registered and unregistered trademark rights and none of these trademark rights, or any confusingly similar signs, can be used without Aud Group’ consent. Doing so constitutes an infringement of our absolute rights. And that is something we cannot accept.

By buying counterfeit goods

  • You deceive yourself as you will not get the quality you are used to from Aud Group and pay thus at the end a higher price
  • You support criminals and even terrorist groups which finance their activities through the sale of counterfeit products
  • You support the production of goods made under unacceptable human and environmental standards
  • You increase your tax rate as the counterfeiters do not pay taxes like lawful companies and the government will get the lost taxes back from you

Aud Group rigorously protects its absolute rights and, as such, is interested in any background information regarding lookalike, copy-cat and/or counterfeit products.

If the deal is too good to be true you are probably facing a counterfeit product. So in case you see any such products or have doubts, please contact us to give us background information or ask any questions about the authenticity of Aud Group branded and/or related goods or services.
Submissions not related to brand protection or to the report of a brand infringement will not be answered or forwarded within Aud Group.

If you’re interested in the real thing, genuine merchandise from Aud Group can be found at Audimport@gmail.com
Many thanks. Your Aud Group team.



It has been brought to our attention that the Aud Group Brand has been used to commit certain type of frauds. The main target of these frauds is to obtain personal data from the contacted persons (so-called phishing) in order to reuse this data for later illegal actions (identity theft). The different scams can be described as follows:

  1. Promotion scam. The fraudsters send out e-mails in which the receivers are informed about an alleged Aud Group promotion campaign. In order to get the chance to win money within this alleged promotion campaign and to get access to the competition, they should forward personal data through a form. This form may depict various fake Aud Group trademarks. Aud Group does not carry out any such promotional programs, competitions or the like and does also not take part in any such activities with third parties.
  2. Lottery scam. Another scam using the Aud Group brand involved approaching people via an SMS to their mobile phone informing them that they had won money in a lottery organised by Aud Group. Aud Group does not organise any lotteries at all or take part in any lotteries organised by third parties.
  3. Employment scam. In this scam, fraudsters set up fake websites and/or send out unsolicited fake recruitment forms offering fictitious job opportunities using Aud Group and similar name and brand in order to obtain personal data. Aud Group neither sends out unsolicited recruitment forms nor request anyone to fill out any forms via Internet.
  4. Car advertisement scam. The fraudsters pretend to make the victims believe that they would get money if they are prepared to place Aud Group advertising on their private cars and are asked to submit personal data first. This is part of a larger identity theft and phishing attack. Aud Group does not do such advertising at all and never asks third parties to brand their private cars.
  5. Vouchers scam. Some sellers are offering/selling vouchers at ebay. For these vouchers the buyer is apparently entitled to get a discount on Aud Group products at particular shops, supermarkets etc.. The seller states that he or she bought those vouchers in bulk and that these vouchers are apparently fake (quote “…they are fantastic quality…”). Aud Group does not do and/or has never agreed to such vouchers and therefore similar genuine vouchers do not exist in reality.

Aud Group is very concerned that its name and brand is used for fraudulent activities and will do its best to stop any of these kinds of activities.
Please do not respond to any of the previously mentioned fraudulent communications but inform your local police and inform us via Audimport@gmail.com Instead.


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