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Turbo Snacks has introduced its savoury chip snack to the Australian market based on the Caribbean fruit, the plantain. Aussies will finally have access to this gluten free healthy treat.


Kako-t contains several compounds which stimulate the production of dopamine in the body and potent mood enhancers which can encourage an overall sense of wellbeing.

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I’d give AudShop a 5 STAR rating. Products are superb and customer care is excellent. Finally, AudShop has given me a chance to shop for 100% natural and delicious allergy-free foods.
- Charles O, Darwin

Great job, I was really impressed at how delicious Kako-t taste is. I was genuinely very happy not only with Kako-t but with your service.
- David Ch, Melbourne

I continue to be amazed at the level of quality I receive from AudShop products. Turbo Snacks are really the only ones of its kind in Australia; unlike anything else. Please continue to provide more and different natural products. just awesome.!
- Chris W, Brisbane

The products are great. Shopping is easy. Trusted and reliable service. Thank you AudShop, you’ve made online shopping for natural and allergy-free treats very enjoyable.
- Sara A, Sydney

Turbo Dips Recipes - Specially Formulated by Penny

Penny is a Brisbane-based Nutritionist, passionate about empowering people through education, knowledge and skills to feed themselves and their families healthy, delicious meals with REAL FOOD so they can live happy, healthy lives. Penny does this in many ways including running public, private and corporate nutrition workshops. On her website and social media accounts you’ll find nutrition resources, delicious and healthy recipes, ebooks and details on how you can work with her.

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